Filter for your eyes

You heard it right. Filter for your laptop display. If you are a computer savvy of any kind and you feel that your eyesight might be affected by too much use of computer. You have noticed that the extra use of computer is causing dry eyes and it some times leads to headaches. You are trying to make your time in front of screen as little as possible but it is not enough. For that scenario you may want to try these tools freely available over Internet.


On Windows platform to get a negative screen you can try Arcane Sanctum’s Negative Screen by simply downloading and using the hot keys or menu. This tool provides different kinds of invert filters for your Windows platform. Besides inversions it supports different filters like Sepia, Gray Scale and etc.


For Linux platform we tested Stefan Döhla’s xcalib. This tool provides various kinds of filters and controls for brightness, contrast, gamma correction and etc. Color adjustments can also be performed using this tool. To use this tool for inversion you may open terminal

apt-get install xcalib

After successful install you can use different switches but for inversion you may

xcalib -i -a

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